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Welcome to Luxurious Mocktails

Welcome to Coffee & Mocktails Bar. Our establishment offers a wide range of high-quality coffee and mocktails. Whether you prefer a bold espresso or creative mocktail, we have something to satisfy your tastes. We invite you to visit us anytime to experience our exceptional service and products.

Experience the expertly crafted beverages at our establishment. Our focus is on handcrafted brews that invigorate, as well as innovative drinks that cater to your desires. Our offerings range from classic espresso to creamy lattes, and delectable mocktails that cater to all tastes. Unwind in our comfortable setting and discover your preferred beverage of choice.

Why Choose us ?

  • We never compromise on quality.
  • Work as per the standards of world class (international) services.
  • The only objective is to provide better service with full hospitality by adopting the principle ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’.


I Will Need From You

Respected, Please Provide us

  • Wooden flat platform with carpet in the space of 32*32 for setting up the counter.
  • 05 jars of 20 liters each of RO water.
  • A room for freshening up near the wedding venue.
  • Proper light connection at least 2 hours before the start of the program.
  • 01 block of solid ice for cooling the material.
  • If the theme is light then it has 02 towers.
  • At least 08 sofas.
  • Simple food arrangement (dal, roti or khichdi) for the staff of 18 people. thank you 🙏